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*Note: The models listed below were certified as tested using a new test procedure that becomes effective January 1, 2023 and certified as meeting standards that are effective beginning on that date. These models can be compared directly to other models listed below, but should not be compared to models listed under “Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps - Central” in this database. The models listed under “Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps - Central” are certified as meeting current standards, which are effective through December 31, 2022. The pending 2023 standards require efficiencies that are as efficient, or more so, than those for the standards currently in place. You can click on the "Cost" button in the Energy Cost Estimate column below to see an estimate of the energy cost to run that model for a year. These energy cost estimates can help you compare different models. Your actual costs will depend on your utility rates and use. These costs are estimates based on typical use and national rates.