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Updated: 03/29/24 01:22 AM

The Compliance Certification Database houses certification reports and compliance statements submitted by manufacturers for covered products and equipment subject to Federal conservation standards. The database offers consumers an easy-to-use search function for existing records in a readily downloadable format. There is also a consumer-friendly selection tool as well as a search-by-model function. The public certification database houses only certification records of current basic models that have been submitted within the past year. While manufacturers may submit new information daily, the certification database will be updated approximately every two weeks to allow DOE time to actively review all submissions.

The data provided are the representations certified to DOE by manufacturers and their third party representatives. DOE makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy of the data. A note for parties that have submitted certification data: The public certification database has no legal significance. When a certification report is submitted in CCMS, the system automatically sends out an email confirmation of the submittal, which is the submitter's proof of having submitted the certification report to the Department. The regulatory requirement is fulfilled upon submission of a certification report that complies with the requirements of 10 CFR Part 429 - not upon posting on this site.

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